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The Reeves Law Group is an established law firm that has represented thousands of clients throughout California during nearly three decades. Our focus is specifically on accident and personal injury cases. We are recognized in the legal and insurance worlds for the vigorous advocacy and the commitment that we give our clients. Our lawyers’ dedication, skill and attention have resulted in countless top settlements and verdicts, including multi-million dollar recoveries.

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Selecting a good lawyer after an accident is difficult. There are scores of personal injury attorneys who advertise their services and charge similar fees. Few, however, have a track record of exceptional success and the financial resources necessary to invest in your case. The Reeves Law Group is a large law firm with a history of winning substantial cases and getting results for our clients. We have the expertise and financial means needed to succeed against well-funded insurance companies and corporate defendants.

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For your convenience, we offer:
1. Home and hospital visits.
2. Night and weekend appointments.
3. No charge unless we win your case.
4. Help with medical attention.
5. Transportation arrangements.
6. We will also treat you with courtesy, compassion and respect.
7. Meeting locations throughout Southern California.
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After an Accident

Immediately after an accident, individuals may be suffering from both physical injuries and psychological shock. Yet, the steps taken in the wake of an accident can have a significant impact on your case’s outcome. For that reason, the importance of these decisions cannot be overstated. The following steps will help with both your injuries and your case in an accident’s aftermath.

  • Seek Medical Attention. If necessary, call 911 and have an ambulance take you to a hospital. Follow up with your primary care physician, even if you do not feel symptoms. Request a thorough medical examination and follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Gather Evidence. Report the accident to the local police, calling 911 if necessary. You or your friend, a relative, or a Good Samaritan should get contact information from all parties involved, including witnesses. Obtain photographs of the accident scene from different angles and distances. If the police arrives at the scene, the officers will gather the evidence and make a record of other factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as weather, traffic, and the sequence of events.
  • Contact a Competent Personal Injury Lawyer. Time is of the essence after an accident. A lawyer recognized for expertise and a solid record of winning superior results in accident cases will know the steps to take to protect you. A successful accident lawyer will have the monetary resources to handle your case from start to finish. Cases with significant injuries require large sums of money to prosecute. Not all lawyers have these resources. Your case may require in-depth investigations, litigation, arbitration, mediation, and possibly a trial, requiring substantial expenses. A skilled lawyer will prove invaluable throughout this process.
  • Avoid Contact With Insurance Companies. Have your lawyer handle contacts with insurance companies. Insurance carriers are not charitable organizations. They will look for opportunities to deny payment of a claim. In particular, do not speak with the opposing party's insurance carrier. Insurance companies on the other side do not owe you a contractual obligation to deal with you in good faith. These companies will take advantage of your lack of knowledge about handling claims.

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