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Greyhound’s Dubious Bus Safety Record

June 25, 2012
bus accident lawyers

The federal administration shut down as many as 25 bus companies for violating safety standards during the month of May.

In May of this year, the federal administration shut down as many as 25 bus companies for violating safety standards.  In the aftermath of those shutdowns, rival Greyhound made attempts to pick up passengers stranded after the other carriers were shut down.  However, bus accident lawyers do not believe that Greyhound’s safety record is much better than other carriers.

In California, bus accident lawyers have special reason to be skeptical about Greyhound’s performance.  In 2010, a total of six people were killed in accidents that involved a Greyhound bus.  In April 2011, 14 people suffered injuries in a bus accident that resulted when a Greyhound bus driver lost control of his bus.  The bus was on its way from St. Louis to New York City.

Similar reports of Greyhound’s inefficiency and incompetence have been reported from around the country.  In Texas, a woman who had filed a lawsuit against Greyhound after a serious accident involving her vehicle and a bus in rural Texas was awarded more than $7 million in damages by a court recently.  In all these cases, bus driver error was pointed out as one of the major factors in the accident.

In fact, a report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration finds that most bus accidents are the result of careless driving on the part of the bus drivers.  These poor driving behaviors include sudden lane changes, busses veering off the road as well as speeding.  More and more, Greyhound bus drivers are being implicated in these aggressive behaviors.

In Texas, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1700, a union that consists mainly of Greyhound bus drivers, has protested in the past against the company’s poor hiring practices.  According to the union, the company has failed to hire skilled or experienced bus drivers, and instead relies on its subsidiary Americanos for driver supply.  These drivers from Americanos belong to a separate union, and are known for their record of safety violations.  In many federal bus driver safety tests, Americanos bus drivers ranked at the bottom of the list.

Consumer Affairs recently found that a number of the complaints that it received were about Greyhound.  Many of those complaints were shocking.  Some passengers reported that on a recent trip on a Greyhound bus, they found the driver dozing off at the wheel.


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